Internet of Things (IoT) over Named Data Networking (NDN)

The Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture provides simple solutions to the communication needs of Internet of Things (IoT) in terms of ease-of-use, security, and content delivery. To utilize the desirable properties of NDN architecture in IoT scenarios, we are working to provide an integrated framework, dubbed NDNoT, to support IoT over NDN. NDNoT provides solutions to auto conguration, service discovery, data-centric security, content delivery, and other needs of IoT application developers. Utilizing NDN naming conventions, NDNoT aims to create an open environment where IoT applications and different services can easily cooperate and work together.
Link to our ACM ICN 2018 Poster (Best Poster Award)

Name-based Access Control over Named Data Networking (NDN)

Abstract—Confidentiality of data in Named Data Networking (NDN) architecture can be directly ensured through encryption by protecting the data packets rather than relying on a secured host or channel as any traditional perimeter-based access control models do. However, the use of encryption requires efficient and easy-to-use mechanisms for access management and key distribution. We presents a Name-Based Access Control (NAC) scheme that leverages specially crafted NDN naming conventions (NAC naming conventions) to define and realize access control policies and automate the distribution of encryption and decryption keys. Moreover, the structured NDN naming allows NAC to support fine-grained control policies in a simple yet powerful way.
Link to our IEEE MILCOM 2018 Paper

Certificate Management over Named Data Networking (NDN)

Named Data Networking (NDN) secures communication at the network layer by requiring all data packets to be signed when produced, ensuring data authentication and integrity. As obtaining certicates is essential to signature signing and verication, to widely apply digital signature at the network layer, NDN requires usable mechanisms to handle certicate issuance, renewal, and revocation. We presents NDNCERT, a distributed certicate management system. NDNCERT leverages the notion of named data in NDN and provides an automated mechanism for network nodes, users, applications, and application instances to obtain certicates. NDNCERT also enables namespace owners to easily delegate subnamespaces to legitimate parties either within the same network node or across dierent nodes.
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