Try NDNCET Today

By Yufeng Zhang and Zhiyi Zhang (

Last Modified Mar 20 2020


The NDNCERT and repo-ng are deployed on the ICE-AR server at UCLA, and the server has been connected to the NDN testbed. All issued certificates will be pushed to repo-ng.

To request a certificate, please see the below steps:

1) Preparation

make sure ndn-cxx, nfd, and Boost are correctly configured on the machine

2) Download NDNCERT

get the latest version of NDNCERT.

3) Compile and Install

switch to the ndncert direcory, compile, and install ndncert by running

cd ndncert
./waf configured
./waf install

If installation fails, try using sudo ./waf install.

3) Client Config Downloading

switch to /usr/local/etc/ndncert, and create client.conf

Copy paste the config file from here to client.conf.

4) Connect your Node to NDN Testbed

make sure NFD is running, and your machine is connected to the NDN testbed. If not, perform the following operations to start NFD and connect to testbed:

nfdc face create udp4://

After you run the face creation command, you will see a face ID. Substitute the face ID into the below commands.

nfdc route add /ndn FACE_ID

5) Use NDNCERT to get a new NDN certificate

Request a certificate by running ndncert-client on your terminal, and enter the required information.