AuditShare: Sensitive Data Sharing with Reliable Leaker Identification

Preprint Paper available on arxiv

EL PASSO: Privacy-preserving, Asynchronous Single Sign-On

Preprint Paper available on arxiv

DLedger: An IoT-Friendly Private Distributed Ledger System Based on DAG

Preprint Paper available on arxiv

Expect More from the Networking: DDoS Mitigation by FITT in Named Data Networking

Preprint Paper available on arxiv


Teaching Assistant of Software Construction Lab, 2018

Undergraduate course CS35L of Computer Science, UCLA, 2018 Fall Quarter

Teaching Assistant of Internet Architecture & Protocols, 2017-2020

Graduate course CS217 MSOL of Computer Science, UCLA, 2017-2020 Winter Quarter

Teaching Assistant of Computer Network Fundamentals, 2020

Undergraduate course CS118 of Computer Science, UCLA, 2020 Spring Quarter

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